Thursday, 24 September 2015

Banana and Egg Pancakes

This is a pretty fail safe recipe that you've probably heard of, but I just love them so much that I thought i'd show you mine! Banana and egg pancakes are the healthy alternative to the normal flour ones; so if you fancy something sweet but want to stick to your healthy eating then these are the pancakes for you!

1 banana
2 eggs
(makes 4 stackable pancakes)
1.Peel your banana and use a fork to mush it all so that its nice and soft and paste-like.

2. Add your two eggs and whisk together with a fork until the mixture looks like this:
3. Add a little olive oil to a pan and fry your pancakes one at a time, I used this little egg frying pan as it helps create the perfect pancake shape.
4. Stack your pancakes in a pile and add whatever you like to them, I used honey, strawberries and raspberries. They woud be delicious with lemon and sugar or even more so with nutella!

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